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Donít Burn Hours of Time Copying Pages from Your Old Website to Your New Website!

Did you know... copying web pages from even a small website to a new website could take 5 hours, 10 hours, 20 hours or more?

It's not a difficult task - in fact with OurChurch.Com's easy-to-use, NE1 Web Builder, it's fairly simple. But it takes time to not only copy the text, but format it, upload and insert images, transfer and embed media, and update links.

You've got more important things to do with your time, don't you?

The unexpectedly time-consuming task of copying content from an old website can delay the launch of a new website by weeks!

Your mission is too important for delays!

OurChurch.Com's Website Transfer Service:

Our team of web experts, copy all the pages from your current site into your new website at OurChurch.Com.*

  • We make sure the menu of your new site matches your old site.
  • We transfer audio, video and images.**
  • We update any links on your site that may have changed in your new site.
  • Itís simple, saves time, and gives you peace of mind!

    Order now!

    (10 page site only $149)

    Also... don't lose your web traffic and search rankings when you transfer your website! Check out our Web Traffic Redirect Service!

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    *Service is for copying pages into sites created with OurChurch.Com's NE1 Web Builder. For HTML/PHP sites or those on other platforms, contact us for a quote.
    **Transfer inclues up to 2 images per page and 5 audio/video files per site. For sites with more media, contact us for a quote.