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How to Create a Christian Website or Create a Church Website

There are a few steps to creating a Christian website or church website which I'll outline below:

1. Find a Christian Web Host
Sure any hosting company can host a Christan website, but there are some distinct differences between secular web hosts and Christian web hosts, like OurChurch.Com:

  • Shared Vision - A Christian web host is focused on serving God, just like you. That unifies us.
  • Shared Ethics and Morals - As Christians we have high standards of how to treat people.
  • A Safe Environment - With secular hosting company you may be sharing your server with gambling or pornographic websites or have inappropriate advertisements on your site. A Christian web host would not do that.

2. Figure Out Your Budget

There are quite a few options available for building your Christian website or church website. You budget is going to decide what features you can get for your website and whether you need to build the website yourself or you can afford to have someone create a custom website for you.

3. Figure Out What Features You Want

There are a lot of things you can do with a website. You may want a blog, a calendar, a photo gallery, contact forms, a staff directory, and much, much more. Take a moment to figure out what you need on your site and what you want (but may not need). By doing this you'll be able to make a better decision as to what features to look for in your hosting package or what features to tell your custom web designer you want.

4. Do It!

Once you have found a Christian web host, figured out your budget, and know what features you want in your website, it's time to make your move and either hire a custom web designer or purchase a web hosting package.

OurChurch.Com is proud to be a Christian web host. We hope you will choose us for hosting your Christian website. Click the link below to view our hosting packages and start building your Christian website today!

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