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NE1 Web Builder

The NE1™ Website Builder

OurChurch.Com is proud to offer our web hosting members the NE1™ Website Builder. NE1™ eliminates the time, money, and technical know-how usually required to create a website. In addition, NE1™ also offers cutting edge graphics, designs, and functionality that would impress the most experienced webmaster. And the best thing about NE1™ is it's included at no extra cost in every OurChurch.Com web hosting account.

Why is it called NE1™?

NE1™ (“anyone”) was developed with the goal of providing all Christians the tools needed to build, develop, and maintain a great website. You don’t have to be a church to use OurChurch.Com’s NE1™ web builder. It is meant for Christians of all walks of life to use: Businesses, Schools, Missionaries, Poets, Musicians, Youth Groups, Families, Individuals, and more. Truly a web builder for Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.

A great looking site is only a few minutes away.

OurChurch.Com has assembled over 200 premium website templates that are available with every website and we are creating more templates all the time. These templates have been designed to provide a variety of styles and color schemes to give your website a modern, professional look. You can also customize many of the templates with your own graphics. In addition, OurChurch.Com can create a completely unique custom template for you.

Advanced Features

The NE1™ Web Builder includes dozens of available modules to give your website the advanced features you want on your website, including a blog, contact form, calendar, Facebook Fanbox, newsletter, PayPal shopping cart, photo gallery and more. Adding these features to your website is as easy as clicking the place on the page you want it and selecting the desired module from a drop-down list.

The Future is Ours Together

While many companies offer a web builder with their hosting accounts, most of them get their web builders from a 3rd party developer and are at the mercy of that developer for ongoing improvements. Because we developed NE1™ ourselves, we can make the changes and improvements we believe will be best for our members. We regularly survey our members and review suggestions as a part of that process.