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There are a number of titles and headers associated with each website. They can be modified all in one form by selecting the "Edit Titles and Headers" on your Webmaster page. Here's a description of what each title/header is used for and some recommendations on what to include in each.
  What is the Admin Title?

This is the title of your website, which OurChurch.Com places on your invoices, newsletters, and other administrative-type things. Don't include any HTML in this title.
  What is the Website Title?

This is the title that is displayed at the top of each web page. If you have ads on your page, it is immediately below the 5 sponsors graphics on each page. You have the option of using a graphical logo or a text title. If using a graphical logo, you must upload the graphic first using the "Upload Graphics" function on your webmaster page before you will be able to select it here. If you use a text title, you may include HTML. By default, the text title has <font size=6> before the text and </font> after the text. If your website title seems small on your webpages, you probably deleted this and can re-enter it here in this form.
  What are the Header Fields?

The Header Title, Description, and Keywords described below are all used by search engines to index your website. Therefore, it's important these fields are completed properly before you register your website with search engines. For those of you familiar with HTML, there is no need to type in the META tags that surround these fields. They will be added automatically.
  What is the Header Title?

The header title of your page is shown on the very top edge of your browser window. It is a very important bit of information on your page because many search engines use this for listing your website. By default, we make this your organization name. But, you can improve search engine response by adding a few keywords. For example, "First Baptist Church - Tampa, Florida" will significantly improve your response with those searching Tampa and Florida over "First Baptist Church." Another example, "Robertson Consulting - Custom Software and Network Development Services" is dramatically better than just "Robertson Consulting."
  What is the Header Description?

This information is not visible on your website, but it is read by search engines. Include about 25 words (200 characters max.) in your description. This is distinct from the description that you have on your homepage, although it should sound similar. It's good to include important words in your description and to minimize small, common words. For example, "First Baptist Church is Christian community focused on sharing the gospel of Christ with the people of Tampa and helping believers develop into fully devoted disciples of Jesus" has distinguished words making it far superior to "We are a caring group of believers open to all people and supporting each other in love. Come visit us on Sunday for an uplifing service."
  What are the Header Keywords?

This information is also invisible to visitors, but used by many search engines in listing websites. Your keywords can be a lot longer than your description. Keywords can consist of about 150 words (1000 characters max.) and should be separated by commas. Place the most important keywords first and the least important at the end. It's good to include multiple variations of words like "create" and "creation" as well as multi-word phrases; however, some search engines will penalize you if you repeat keywords.
  What else can I do to improve search engine rankings?

Visit our marketing site at and read our "12 Steps to a Successful Website." While you're at it, check out our many search engine optimization services with money-back guarantee of top listings. You can place an order from your Webmaster page.

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