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» Tips for your OCC Website

Read all the Help pages ASAP.
This will not only save you time and confusion, but will also get you up to speed on all of BEACON's website features.

Keep a back-up copy of all the text on your web pages.
The best way to do this is to use a word processor to type up and save the text of your pages. Then when creating or updating your OCC web pages, highlight the text in the word processor and hit control-c to copy. Then from your Webmaster page go to "Edit Website Pages," click to edit or add a page, place the cursor in the box where you want the text, and hit control-v to paste.

Wait until you've got your site pretty close to the way you want it before submitting it to search engines.

Once your site is the way you want it, be sure to use the "Submit to Search Engines" feature of your Beacon Website.

After adding a new text page, edit your navigation menu.
A default menu item will be added as soon as you add a new page, but it is not very descriptive, so you are best off customizing the menu item ASAP.

When adding a page, change from the default title.
For example, if you were to add a mission statement (using a text page), the words "*New Text Page" would appear initially in the title box. Notice the asterisk (*) in front. You would want to change this to "Mission Statement."

Keep your information current.
When someone visits a site promoting an upcoming event that happened last year, the natural reaction is to wonder if any of the information is still relevant.

Spread the word about your site.
Put the URL of your website on your business card and any other relevant publications. Refer to the website when making announcements.

Tell affiliated organizations or denominational headquarters about your site — especially if they have a website. Most are glad to add a link on their site to yours.

Visit OurChurch.Com's sponsors regularly.
OCC is able to provide free websites to Christian ministries thanks to the support of our sponsors. By clicking on their ads you: (1) show them you appreciate the support they provide, (2) increase the value they are getting for their sponsorship, and (3) help OCC fund continuing service and future improvements. Just one click-through per visit makes a big difference.

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