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  What are "Site Tools"?

"Site Tools" puts Christian search, web search, Bible search, local weather, Verse a Day, and a translator right on your website.
  How do I edit the Site Tools?

Click the "Edit Site Tools" link on your Webmaster page. Lay your cursor (mouse) over the question mark symbol next to each item for information (and instructions when applicable).
  I don't see the weather on my site. How do I enable that?

Click the "Edit Site Tools" link on your Webmaster page. In the box next to Weather, enter your city followed by a comma, then the two-letter abbreviation for your state. For example, Tampa, FL is what you would enter for Tampa, Florida weather. If you live outside the US or do not want to use this tool, leave the box blank.
  How do I disable or enable one or more Site Tools?

Click the "Edit Site Tools" link on your Webmaster page. Then look for the words "Site Tools" with either "on" or "off" beside it. Change "on" or "off" as desired. If you only want to enable or disable an individual site tool, change "on" or "off" next to each tool. If there is no on/off switch, then mouse over the question mark next to the site tool and read the instructions. If there is a blank, leave it blank. For the translator, choose the last item in the drop down list ("Don't show translator on site").
  How do I change the order in which the Site Tools appear?

Click the "Edit Site Tools" link on your Webmaster page. Beside each tool to the right, there is a number that indicates the position of each tool, with 1 being first and 7 being last.
  I like the Bible Verse tool, but I would prefer a different translation of the Bible. Is there any way to change this?

Yes. First you will need to find a "verse of the day" service from another site and copy the HTML code they provide. Next, disable the Bible Verse tool by choosing "no." Then in the large blank near "Extra," enter the code for your chosen verse tool. You can enable or disable it, and change the order as desired.
  Is there a way to use a different Site Tool from what is offered?

Yes. Simply copy and paste the code to the "Extra" box.

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