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  What does the Linked to OCC graphic mean?

It marks sites that have linked to OurChurch.Com or are participating in OurChurch.Com's Spread the WWWord! partnership program.
  How do I add my website to the search engine?

Choose the "Register Your Site" menu option under the Search section of our main site, and complete the form. Your site will be reviewed within two to three weeks of submission. You will receive an email from us notifying you when the review is complete.
  How do I edit my search listing?

To edit your search listing:
  • Go to our homepage at
  • Search for your site in our directory.
  • Click the "Edit" icon next to your listing.
  • If your listing was created or updated since 9/29/00, it was registered with a username. In that case, you simply enter your username and password into the small window that pops up and edit your search listing in the form that follows.
  I forgot my password, now what do I do?

Click on the "Request Report" menu option under the "Search" category of our main site, and then enter your email address. A listing of all the sites in OCC's search engine (including their passwords) that are associated with that email address will be emailed to you.
  Can someone steal my password using the "Request Report" feature?

No, passwords are only emailed to the address listed with the site. If someone were to type your email address into the "Request Report" page, you would be sent the status - not them.
  I submitted my site the other day and I can't find it. Why not?

To ensure the integrity of our search engine, OCC reviews every site before it becomes available to the searching public. We do this two to three weeks after a site has been submitted.
  I built a new website at OurChurch.Com the other day and I can't find it in the Christian search engine. Why not?

One of the forms you completed when building your site was the search engine registration form. As mentioned above, we review all new submissions two to three weeks after they are submitted. This gives webmasters time to add content to their websites so we have something to review.
  What is the site review process?

OurChuch.Com is committed to creating a community of Christian websites. For that reason, we review every website submitted to be certain that each and every website is owned and operated by a person who shares our faith. It is often extremely difficult to discern from the content of a website whether it is Christian or not. There are many religious groups today that sound very much like Christianity and even claim to be Christian, but are not. Groups such as Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Unitarians are a few of the best-known examples. Others may include "community church" or "Church of God" in their names but deny essential elements of the Christian faith that the better known Community Churches and Churches of God profess.

Because non-Christian groups can sound so much like Christians on the surface, we believe it is best not to try to interpret the content of a website but rather ask each website owner to do one of the following:

  1. Indicate your Christian beliefs when creating your site
  2. Email us a statement of beliefs
  3. Add a statement of beliefs to the website and email us when it's ready
  4. Complete this sentence and email it to us: "I know I am a Christian because…"

Please note that if we do not receive a response within two weeks the site will be suspended automatically.
  Can I list my site more than once?

Each website address can only be listed once; however, you may submit more than one page from a website if you like. Generally speaking, though, we will only include more than one listing for a website if the additional listings are for significant subsections of the website that could stand on their own as seperate websites. Whether or not additional listings of a particular website are actually approved is up to OurChurch.Com to decide.
  If I submit my site, will I get a bunch of junk email?

No. OurChurch.Com does not make public the email addresses in our search engine. We will not send you a bunch of email either. The only time you will get email from us is:
  1. when you submit your site
  2. when we review your site
  3. very rarely when we upgrade our search engine or have a major announcement to make (about once or twice a year).
  Can I search OurChurch.Com directly from my website?

Yes. Choose the "Link to OCC" menu option from our main homepage. There you will find instructions on how to add our search form HTML to your website.

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