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  What commission rates do you pay for referrals?

We pay partners 50% of all orders paid in the first year on all hosting packages, NE1 premium and Domain Name Registration services. We pay partners 20% of all orders paid in the first year on all web hosting bundles, custom design and search marketing services.
  When and how are commissions paid?

Partners are paid quarterly when earnings meet or exceed $50. If earnings are less than $50, no check will be sent and earnings will be rolled into the next quarter. Earnings will be paid by check in US currency and can only be sent to US addresses.
  I was participating in the partnership program before August 1, 2013. Do I need to do anything?

Yes. In late 2013, we launched a new Dashboard which handles all ordering, invoicing, billing, and partnership commissions. If you have any paid service that started prior to August 1, 2013, we already migrated your account to the new dashboard. However, if you have a free site created before August 1, 2013, please ogin to the old MyOCC and request to be migrated to the new dashboard. If you participated in our partnership program but didn’t have a website or any other services, please register in the new system.

Once you have registered or been migrated to the new Dashboard, login. Then click the Partnership Program link in the left menu and the “Active Affiliate Account.”

Please also update any links you may have on your website to use your new affiliate link.
  Can I participate if my only website is one I created with OurChurch.Com's website service?

  Hey, I've got a great idea. I am going to build a site at OCC anyway, so I'll just sign up for partnership program and then refer myself so I can get 20%-50% back in commissions.

Partners can refer themselves but will not receive commissions if they have just one paying website with OurChurch.com. A partner who refers himself multiple times, will earn commssions on all but their highest priced site.
  Will I continue to be earn commission on sites I referred before August 1, 2013?

You will earn 20% to 50% on orders paid by referred sites during their first year. If you already earned that much or more from a referred site, you will not earn any additional commission.

If the site was referred more than a year ago and you earned less than the new commission rate, we will issue you a credit to bring you up to the new commission rate, but you cannot earn any additional commission because the referral is more than a year old.

If the site was referred less than a year ago, we will issue you a credit to bring you up to the new commission rate and you can continue to earn commission for the remaining portion of their first year.

  What happened to advertising on free sites, the Top Partners leaderboard, and monthly prizes for top partners?

When we launched the new partnership program in January 2014, we discontinued giving partners 20% of the ad space on free sites, the leaderboard and the monthly ad prizes. We hope to introduce some fun and rewarding new features in the future.

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