Creating / Deleting Web Pages


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  Can I change my template at any time?

Yes, you can change your template any time you wish. You can even change the template for individual pages.
  How many pages can I have?

If you have a free website, you are limited to 10 pages. With all of our premium hosting packages, there is no page limit.

*Note: Pages not currently displayed do count towards your page limit.
  I want to have a different homepage during the holidays, but I'll want to go back to my old homepage later, can I do that?

Yes, the "Default Home page" can be changed at any time and any of your website's pages can be set as the home page. In addition, you can determine which pages are being displayed on the web. So, not only can you change the home page, but you can set it so the page you were using as the home page is not being displayed as well. Then later, if you want to change back to the old home page, you can reactivate that page and change the "Default Home page" back to that page.
  Can I have more than one Prayer Request page or Guestbook?

Yes, you can create as many pages as you wish with any of the modules; however, some of the modules do not distinguish between pages. For example: You can put the News module on every page of your website; however, the news in the new module will be the same on each page because the news module cannot distinguish between pages.

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