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  What is the E-Newsletter tool in BEACON?

It provides a means by which Webmasters can send email newsletters to everyone on their mailing lists at once.
  What are the main features of the E-Newsletter tool?

The e-newsletter tool allows you to:
  • Put the content of any website page into the body of an e-newsletter with one click.
  • Edit the content any way you see fit, including starting over from scratch.
  • Send a test email to the email address of your choice prior to sending to everyone.
  • Opportunities to edit content after previewing the test email.
  • Ability to send to everyone on your mailing list with one click (assuming you have added an "email page" so people can sign up).
  • Ability to add additional email addresses one at a time.
  How do I send an e-newsletter?

Login to your Webmaster page and choose "Send an E-newsletter" in the right column towards the bottom. Then follow the step-by-step instructions laid out on each screen.
  What happens if an e-newsletter email bounces back (is undeliverable)?

We will send you a list of the bounced emails. It is your responsibility to correct the bounced email addresses for typos, etc., prior to sending your next e-newsletter. If you fail to do so and the same emails keep bouncing, your e-newsletter feature may be temporarily suspended until you correct the situation.

If an email that was addressed to someone on your BEACON email list is returned to us as undeliverable, the word "off" is automatically added next to that name on the email page of your site. Newsletters will no longer go out to that address until the email is reset. You can do that from your Webmaster page by editing the email page. Just be sure the email address is correct. Also be sure your email is not being blocked by the recipient and that the recipient's inbox is not full, causing emails to bounce.
  How do I create a newsletter sign-up page?

From your Webmaster page, choose "Add a new page" and select "email" from the dropdown list.
  Won't people object to having their email addresses shown on the Internet?

Not in this case because we do not show the actual email address. Instead, clicking on the person's name will bring up a form that allows them to receive email but hides their address from spammers.

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