Tell a Friend Module

General Info:

The "Tell a Friend" module is a simple, but useful module that is automatically a part of each web page on your website. It allows your website visitors to invite their friends to visit your website and send them the URL (web address) of the particular web page.

To configure the "Tell a Friend" feature login to your admin section, click the dropdown "Add-on Modules" menu in the top menu of your admin section and choose "Tell a Friend".

Configuring the "Tell a Friend" module involves setting up options and default messages. Check the box next to the options desired at the top of the page.

The form that is used to "tell a friend" contains a default subject, message, and message footer. While the NE1 Web Builder provides a suitable default subject, message, and footer, you are also able to edit these elements.

Message Tags - The contents of the subject, message, and footer fields include "tags". The tags are used to make the default message more personal. The tags replaced by the information the visitor enters into the form, like the recipients name, your web page's Title and address. For example, the {friend} tag is replaced by the "Friend's name:" field on the form. If you decide to customize the message, it's a good idea to include the tags so the message will be personalized and include the necessary website information.

Click the "Save changes" button to save the edits and settings. Check the "Restore Default Settings" checkbox when the original messages are preferred.

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