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General Info:

From Facebook: "Over 8 million users become fans of Facebook Pages every day to connect with their favorite public figures and organizations and get updates directly in their streams. Now, users can connect with brands, musicians, celebrities, businesses, and more, whether they're on or off Facebook.

The Fan Box is a Facebook Connect-enabled social widget that Page owners can add to their websites to allow users to fan and view the accompanying Facebook Page stream. With the Fan Box, brands can bring content from their Facebook Page into their website and help convert website visitors into Facebook fans. Users can view the most recent posts from the Page, see a list of other fans (including their friends), and, most importantly, become a fan without leaving the site. Additionally, if a user visits the site and isn't logged in to Facebook, the user can log in and become a fan directly inline as well."

Screenshot of the Facebook Fanbox Module.

To setup a Fanbox, login to your admin section, click the dropdown "Add-on Modules" menu in the top menu of your admin section and choose "Facebook Fanbox."

You can add the Fanbox module to any page using the "Insert Module" feature when editing a page. OCC recommends that this type of module be inserted in the sidebar for those sites with editable sidebars. With the module in the sidebar, visitors can view it on every page. For more information about how to insert a module, please see the "Modules: Insert a Module" help page.

*Note: The Fanbox module is available with all hosting packages, including the Gold, Silver, Bronze, Starter, and Free packages.

**Also Note: The Facebook module is for use with an organization's Facebook Page not a personal profile.

Basic configuration for the Facebook Fanbox (including Facebook ID and URL) can be found by clicking the "Add-On Modules" tab and choosing "Facebook Fanbox". The basic configuration can be summarized as follows:

Screenshot of the Facebook Fanbox Module Configuration Page.

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