Audio Tips:

What types of audio does OurChurch.Com recommend?

This depends on what kind of audio you are putting on the site and how you are planning to use the audio.

If you are using the audio as background music for a page, we recommend using MIDI files.  While recorded audio formats like mp3, wave, or wma can sound better, they have a much larger file size, sometimes 1000 times larger than MIDI files.  This is important when considering the bandwidth or your hosting package.  Keep in mind that every time a visitor visits that page, the audio file will be downloaded. So, if you have a 5MB mp3 file for the background music and 1000 people visit that page, that will use up 5GB of bandwidth.  If you put background music on multiple pages, then the bandwidth usage can go way up.  That is why we recommend the much smaller MIDI files for background music.

If you want to have recorded music on your website (like music on a cd), we recommend using the mp3 format.  The mp3 format creates relatively small files and is the most universally accessible file type.  If you are able to determine the quality of the mp3 file, we recommend either 128kbs or 192kbs as these are near cd quality.  Using a lower quality level will make the file size smaller, but may cause the music to sound distorted.

If you want to have recorded speech on your website (like a sermon), we recommend using the mp3 format.  If you are able to determine the quality of the mp3 file, we recommend 32kbs.  Vocal recordings do not require cd quality sound, so you can reduce the file size of the audio file significantly without causing distortions.

*Note: A website must have a Gold, Silver, or Bronze package to upload recorded audio file types like mp3 or wma.

Where can I get audio files?

There are many sites available that sell royalty-free background music that is very high in quality and needs no license or permission.  Some websites you may want to try are:

*Tip: Be sure not to have more than one audio file set to start automatically ("Auto Play") as that will cause multiple audio files to play at the same time.

*Tip: Most visitors like to be able to control whether audio is playing.  Sometimes this is because they are in a public location where those around them would be disturbed by the audio.  Other times they may simply not want to listen to the audio at that time.  Let’s face it, even good songs get old after the 4th or 5th time in a row.

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