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 Do I need to use HTML?

While it is certainly possible to use HTML, the NE1™ web builder makes it completely unnecessary. With older web builders, HTML was needed to format text or to add tables. However, the new word-processor interface with the NE1™ web builder includes these formatting features and more. As the name “NE1” is meant to imply that “anyone” can build a website and a significant part of the reason is that HTML is not necessary.
 I have some HTML code and javascript I want to use on my website, can I just put it into the WYSIWIG page editor?

The WYSIWYG page editor is not designed to have HTML or Javascript entered into it. If you wish to use HTML, you MUST either use the "Edit HTML Source" feature to work directly in the HTML code or use the "Paste HTML Code" feature to insert the HTML or Javascript. Entering HTML or Javascript into the WYSIWIG editor may cause unexpected issues with your website.
 Can OCC help me with html/css/java script?

Teaching, developing, and debugging HTML and other scripts are not part of OurChurch.Com’s standard support. However, is always available to provide development assistance on an hourly basis. Feel free to give us a call at 727-723-2454 to discuss arrangements and possibilities.

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