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  What is the Banner Admin page?

The Banner Admin page is the control center for everything that has to do with the partner ads that are rotated into their referrals' banner space. From this page you can add new banners, change banners, temporarily disable banners, and view all kinds of banner statistics.
  New Banner: How do I add a new banner?

At the top of the Banner Admin page is a link to the Add Banner page. To add a new banner, click this link and complete the form that follows. Banners must already be on a server. Usually this will be the server where your website is hosted. As long as a banner meets the requirements and restrictions described on the form, it can be used in any way you like. You may sell the ad space, trade it, or use it yourself. You can use a third-party ad provider or banner exchange, but they must agree to abide by our standards. The "Alt-Text" is text that will be displayed when someone places their cursor above the banner. The Title of the site being promoted is usually typed here.
  Existing Banners: What details are provided for existing banners?

Banners that have been previously added are all listed on the Banner Admin page. Above each banner you will see the banner number and linking URL. Below each banner are four link options and then the statistics for that banner. If you see a "broken graphic" symbol instead of your graphic, try reloading the page. If that doesn't help, either you have typed in the wrong URL for the graphic or the server where the graphic is stored is not functioning properly.
  Detailed Stats: How can I view statistical data about my banner(s)?

Clicking on the "Detailed Stats" link will provide detailed statistics for that banner over the last seven days.
  Activate/De-activate: How do I control whether my banner is being shown?

You can temporarily pull a banner out of your rotation with the Activate/De-activate option. If the link says "De-activate," the banner is currently active and clicking the link will de-activate it. If the link says "Activate," the banner is currently inactive and clicking the link will activate it.
  Delete: How can I remove my banner altogether?

Clicking the "Delete" link will completely remove a banner from our records and delete all of that banner's statistics. If you no longer wish to display a particular banner, you are almost always better off de-activating it or modifying it to a different banner, so that you don't lose the statistics.
  Modify banner: How can I change certain aspects of my banner without losing statistical data?

The "Modify banner" link takes you to the same form as the one for "Add new banner." It allows you to change the banner, linking URL, and alt-text. When a banner is modified, the statistics for the banner are not cleared.
  Totals: How can I view the total impressions for the month?

The "Totals" link totals the impressions (or views), clicks, and click rate for all of your banners. Note that if you delete a banner during the month, the views and clicks that banner received while in rotation will not be included in the totals.
  Change Award Banner: What about the banner that is displayed if I am awarded free advertising?

In the first few days of each month, OurChurch.Com awards free advertising across our entire network of sites to the three partners who score the most click-throughs to OurChurch.Com in the previous month plus one random winner. When the ad space is awarded, the banner you have selected as your "Award Banner" will be the banner put into the our rotation. You can change this setting anytime you like, but if you've been awarded ad space for the current month changing this setting won't change the banner currently being displayed. The new setting would only affect future awarded ad space.

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