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Reaching beyond the church doorsOur Premise. Communication is key to community. The Christian church -- the Community of Christ -- has two basic functions: to encourage and support those within the community, and to share the message of Christ with those outside the community. Both of these functions are heavily dependent on communication. The opportunity to strengthen communication and community by using the Internet led to the vision for OurChurch.Com.

Our History. OurChurch.Com was founded in 1996 by brothers Paul and Mark Steinbrueck out of a desire to make it easy and affordable for every Christian church to have a website. To do this we developed one of the first online web builders. We continued to innovate by creating one of the first Christian search directories, adding custom web design services, developing search marketing services, and much more. Through it all we have always treated our members more like friends and ministry partners than customers.

Our Present. Today, OurChurch.Com is the premier "one stop shop" for Christian website services where organizations can get website hosting, design, search marketing, and advertising services all at the same place. We provide website services to more than 11,000 Christian churches, schools, ministries, businesses, and families. We continue to grow and develop innovative new services, while staying true to our mission, vision, and core values.

Our Mission.

  • To honor Christ by utilizing Internet technology to help people achieve their goals and dreams.

Our Vision.

  • To see every Christian leveraging Internet technology to achieve their goals and dreams.

Our Values.

  • Christian Faith: We believe the Bible is the Word of God; therefore we strive to do all things according to Biblical principles.
  • Superior Support: We believe every person is valuable; therefore we strive to treat our members with extraordinary respect, patience, and understanding to provide assistance that goes beyond expectations.
  • Accessibility: We believe God has given every person gifts and talents to be used to serve God and other people; therefore we strive to make our resources available to all Christians, including those with limited financial resources and limited technical abilities.
  • Community: We believe life is meant to be lived in meaningful relationships; therefore we strive to build community- among our staff, members, and visitors.
  • Excellence: We believe excellence honors God and attracts people; therefore we strive to do all things with excellence.
  • Innovation: We believe in always moving forward; therefore we strive to be creative and innovative in improving and expanding our services.

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