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What is a Content Management System (CMS)? A CMS is a system of web management tools that enables anyone with basic Internet experience to grant different levels of access to visitors, registered users, moderators, and content managers so that all can contribute to the creation of a dynamic, full-featured website.

What is OurChurch.Com's Custom CMS Express? With our exclusive Custom CMS Express, you select the design and features you want, and OurChurch.Com will develop a customized, interactive website to your specifications in as little as five business days and for a fraction of the cost of a traditional custom site.

A content management system, or CMS, provides the ultimate interactive, multi-user website solution for a Christian band, gospel group, musician, or soloist. It gives visitors a cool, interactive experience that helps them connect with you and your music. With a musicians content management system you can have a custom site that:

  • Has a cool, artistic look and feel
  • Is easily administered with no knowledge of HTML
  • Is flexible
  • Is feature-rich
  • Is affordable
  • Can be launched quickly.

What features are offered with Custom CMS Express for Musicians? Most importantly we'll give your site a look and feel that matches your style. Beyond that we'll help you get your music on your website so visitors can listen to it and buy it online. We can also help you interact and communicate with fans and visitors with a wide variety of tools. We can customize a site to include any or all of the following features (you choose):

Christian band, christian music websites

  • A discography/music gallery
  • MP3 player that allows visitors to listen to your music while browsing your site
  • Gig calendar with venue information
  • Booking request form
  • Photo Album to showcase gigs, concerts, promotional events
  • Flash photo slideshow
  • E-newsletter with archives and subscription management
  • Blog for journaling about what you or your band is up to
  • A full-featured shopping cart, which can facilitate the sale of CDs, shirts, other merchandise, and even music downloads.
  • And more!

Managing access for staff and fans Our Custom CMS Express for Musicians gives you the ability to decide who can view each specific page and feature on your website as well as who can modify and administer each. That means you can do any of the following:

  • Create a special "insiders" section only registered users or fan club members have access to
  • Set up a blog for band members so they can add to the blog directly without having to go through the webmaster.
  • Give band members access to update certain pages but not the whole site
  • Give staff or volunteers the ability to moderate forums without giving them access to change any of the website.
  • Create private pages, calendars, and forums for internal use that only band members, agents, the road crew, or record label staff can access.

Whether you’re an internationally known Christian artist or just starting out playing small local events, we can develop a cutting-edge, top-quality website your fans and visitors will enjoy. You can learn more by visiting our sample Custom CMS Express for Musicians. It has all the features most useful to bands and musicians, and you can pick and choose the ones that are most important to you. Now you can discover how easy it is to receive your own custom site from OurChurch.Com.

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