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So you already have a website, but it just isnít getting the traffic or producing the results that you want. You are not alone. Most websites are built with great intentions, but many fall short of their potential simply because organizations have not been given the tools and professional expertise needed to make their websites successful.

That Is What OurChurch.Com is Here For!

Below you will find consulting packages designed to fit the needs and budget of a variety of organizations. Each package has selected components and features relevant to businesses, churches, schools, and other ministries. If you're not sure which consulting package is the best fit for you, that's okay. Click to Request a Free Consultation and we'll help you select the consulting package that is right for you.

Progressive SEO Mgt Monthly Service (number of pages) 5 3 1
Guaranteed Top 10 Search Rankings
Submission to 2000 Search Directories
Site Structure Map (number of pages included) 100 50 20
Content Structure (graphics, buttons, text) Created for Homepage
Number of Funnels Included (up to 5 pages per funnel) 5 3 1
Number of Custom Forms Included 5 3 1
Number of Usability Test 2 1
Google AdWords Campaign Mgt. Creation of 3 Landing Pages
Price $4999/mo $2999/mo $1999/mo
24 Month Minimum Commitment