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Day 5 Update - The power of one message

Not too much to report from over the weekend.  Right now total direct donations stand at $525.  Sponsors have pledged a total of $0.15 per click.  We’ve had 611 visits to the Clickathon web page.  As mentioned previously, while that is not that is not the official number of clicks it is the best estimate we have right now.  So, 611 x $0.015 = $91.65 (est) raised from clicks plus $525 in direct donations puts the total amount raised at $616.65 (est) through 4 days.

A lot of people unplug over the weekend.  Today marks the start of the first full week of the Clickathon, and a great opportunity to really build some momentum.  So, I want to leave you with this thought…

The Power of One Message 
If you’re reading this debating whether to tell some friends about the AIDS Clickathon or just move on with the rest of your day, consider this…  If you tell just 10 friends (through email, MySpace, or whatever) who click, and each of them tell 10 friends who click, and each of them tell 10 friends who click, the net result would be 1,111 clicks for which our sponsors would donate $166.65 to help children in Kenya who have lost their parents to AIDS…  All because of your one message.

Taking it one step further, if each of the people you contact were to skip their $3+ cup of Starbucks coffee for one day and donate that money to the Clickathon, that would result in an additional $3,333 towards AIDS relief… 

Taking the next 60 seconds to email your friends about the Clickathon could be the most meaningful moment of your day and make an extraordinary impact in the lives of many children for a lifetime.

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